My little Butterflies.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My new adult.

Remember that day?

The time we sat at the opposite sides of the class room, with our English tutor at the front. Me, sitting beside Penny and it was her birthday and all, then we changed places to T2 and T3, or was it T1? The memory's a little blur. T2 on the right side of the room. That was when I so happen sat next to you. You looked so cute and innocent! TEEHEE! Then the next moment we were in Joe Joe's class, and were sitting together again. I never regretted going for (lunch?) makan with you after that. Since then, I don't think we were ever apart. Well except for the time after the 'dead end' incident. THANK GOD it was only temporary! I can't imagine not having you around! If I were a guy, you would so definitely be my girl. Although now even as a girl, you're my girl. Thank you dear for being in my life! For all the times we did assignments together, rushing to print, and then after presentations we'd go for a BIG MAKAN. I will miss the times you had your ex-baby with you, because it gave us more opportunity to take pictures together. Almost everyday? or almost everytime we're together! Our dates; cinema dates, shopping dates, ASSIGNMENT DATES, photoshoot moments, hanging out in the car and staying over at your place and then my place.


You are always my daughter, bestfriend, sister and secret lover! 

And at this very day, on the 4th October 2011, you're gonna be my new adult!
Wishing you all the BEST life has to offer!
May you smile always and if you ever don't, remember that I'm here for you.
Happy 21st Birthday Miss Woo! 


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