My little Butterflies.

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Wanting to wait for you,
but you keep telling me no.
Are you afraid of the word 'wait'?
Or is it just that it's me?

I'm trying my best,
doing everything in my power
to hold things together.
It seemed easier in my head.

Sometimes it just feels so tiring,
because it feels like I'm alone in this.
Damned feelings just creep in unannounced.
Causing me to lose grip.

Grazing even more to pick up from that loss, even for a moment.

I just need to know
that all I'm doing here, now,
is not another waste.

Be that difference to prove me right.

I need to know.
That you having me around,
is not out of pity,
but love and grace.

I'm not asking for much,
Just some reassurance.
Because right now it just feels like a one-man-show.
Resources depleting, yet there're so many others to replenish for.

Refill me, please?
This vessel is so deprived.

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