My little Butterflies.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Like the colours, it's taking over.
I need help, but sadly no one really hears me anymore.
The ones who listen, I doubt their interests in the matter.
Sometimes people just want the juicy details, and aren't actually too keen on helping you out.
I know a bunch who are so called 'concerned friends'.
I don't need this right now.
Honestly want to just give every damn person a piece of my mind.
Not everyone but those few whose friendship I actually cared too much to let go.
But now, while impregnated with these emotions, 
I would seriously want to give you the whole load that's on my mind.
You have no idea how much I let slide, not to mention repressing hurt just so that YOU won't get hurt.
Yes, I know you did not ask me to do so.
It was all out of my own will, or CARE if I should say.
I'm not perfect either. I know I have flaws.
Some flaws which I can't see myself but reflected through others.
But I'm thankful to those who are there to care.
I actually treat my friends as friends, and some even family.
So, Thank you for not appreciating it.
Honestly, I am offended.
I know when I'm wanted and not.
I don't need this no more.
I need new people now.

I need superheroes. 
You know why?
Because they are the ones who can be trusted with secrets.
Because they are that good at keeping their own.
And at least, they'd be there for those in distress.
Not needing any pleading or the extend begging for help then only a hand would be extended.
Applications are opened to anyone who wants to apply.

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