My little Butterflies.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Secret bygone tears.

It strikes without a sign
Bringing everything back to where it use to be
Mentioning happiness and joy
The things she can't keep. 
Minutes before this, I got on her blog again. Reading more teary postsrecently, hardly a happy note.
Her words, situation, and songs,
brought sharp pain to my chest.
Talking about trust.
Professing love so reachable yet still so distant.
Being pushed away.
Sometimes left aside; forgotten.
Describing pain.
One after another, it hits.
Always being hurt, by people around.
Often gone unheard, and evidently only her blog hears her screams.
Keeping secrets of her bygone tears.
Reading line after line,
Paragraph after paragraph,
The image of her crying,
Tears trickling down,
Every emotion filled streak,

I wish you were here.
I want to be there. 

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