My little Butterflies.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

4:07am: Casual-conversation-with-you.

The time states the moment of this being written.

Can you hear my thoughts?
Can you feel what is going on in here?
I somehow doubt you do if you say so.
Unless you're Him.

I was talking.
It started off with rolling about in bed.
Rolled til I didn't want to roll anymore.
It feels like I woke up from sleep or something.
Just so filled with energy that I have no idea what to do with it but to blog now.

It's been so long since I had such a long chat with my Daddy.
It wasn't just any talk. It was more heart-to-heart. Some things that I wouldn't even tell anyone or even dare write it out. Perhaps in a picture, but it would be so abstract that eventually I'll forget what it means and look back at it with a daze wondering, trying so hard to crack what it was before.

Alot is going through my mind. Is, has, and will, still continuing.
God knows when I'll finally be able to sleep, but it sure isn't right now.
Hence, whoever you are, you'll have to bear the pain of read further into my blogpost.

To you, reading this. You know what?
Don't forget to smile. Even how significantly fake it might be.
Smile because you can.
Smile because you should.
Smile, because it makes a difference in everything you do and see.
Laughter works too, fyi.
I should know it works, because even looking back at the memories, looking up into the sky. When I'm not smiling, tears flood my eyes from all the pain, but while smiling, the feeling changes, well at least now, I see beauty in things, appreciating the moment.

I made a promise to myself.
Alot of promises in one.

I know it's lame or just plain cheesy writing about it here.
But you know, it is because I'm writing it here that I can't take it back. Even to myself.
Perhaps I won't tell you what it is. Or else (you know who you are) will rub it in for me everytime I break it, but it is because I'm human that I know that I might break it. I don't know how long I'd last with this promise. I don't how many times I'll break it by forgetting it. But what I know is that I'll try. I'll try to NOT break it. I know I shouldn't, because at least that's how much I owe myself that promise.

I hardly make promises. If you know me, you should know.
I'm making an exception to myself. Because, I can.
And I think that alot of people should just be like that. Do things, just because you can. But of course do consider the feelings of others. And when I say 'do things', that doesn't mean have sex or go one-night-standing every girl or guy at sight. Seriously, that's not what I mean. And please don't do that. No jokes.

But anyways, wish me luck in this.
I have a call coming in, and have to seriously knock myself out cold soon.
Guess what, I manage to write this in half an hour.
I know this isn't my usual posts, but what the heck. It's my page :)
So CHEERS yal!

For those who hasn't notice it or are new to this blog, I removed the chatbox where you could opine away for the simple reason that it was firstly redundant, and secondly, there were too many unknown people commenting (though they were encouraging and nice comments about the blog and post and all) but linked their names to some unknown website and a few VIRUS links - which the last one just crossed the line. I'm sorry I had to remove it, for the safety of EVERYONE, not only my own laptop, but whoever else who pops in to view the posts. So if you have any comments or thoughts, do feel free to comment. If it's worth the reply, I'll definitely reply. But if it's just a 'lol' or '...', seriously I don't even know what to reply to that. Try your luck though. =) CHEERS!

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