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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Four-letter words.

The word in mind; 

L O V E 

That is how you spell it.
That is how you read it.
That is how you write it if you want to avoid autocorrect.
That's the right word to search up the dictionary with.
That's the word you'd write on your test paper to avoid a grammatical error.
That's the right word.
That is THE WORD.

Though these days with all the new inventions, and people are to be 'creative', everyone wanting to be DIFFERENT from the other. So yeah, you are unique. Just like everybody else. Somehow that word up there has all sorts of variations to it. The most common IE would be; 'lub' and/or 'lup'.

So for other words that would have these 'innovative' new way of spelling it yet still sounding the same would be one of the few, the word SHIT where some would spell it as 'shyte', 'shyt', 'sheet' and whatever more you guys can come up with. So here's the question.

Which would be of more impact?

1. That tastes like shit!

2. That tastes like shyte!

Another four letter word; DAMN/ damn it/ goddammit.
AKA 'dayum', 'dammy', 'dammt' , etc.

Which would be of more/bigger impact?

1. Damn you homework.

2. Dayum you homework.
Situation: Forgets housekey and locked out of house. 
1. Argh! Goddammit!
2. Argh! dammt!

AND for the last illustration, the infamous F***.
Which goes by recognition of 'fuk', 'fcuk' (though it is also a brand), 'fucjk', 'foak', 'fick', 'fish', etc.

Which would be of more/bigger impact/implication?
1. Fuck you!
2. Fish you!

Okay. So, which would you take seriously or in depth if the person you like/lover/anyone for that matters had to tell you something that consisted of  8 letters, 3 words, in 1 sentence. (I think you guys know what I mean)
1. I lup you.
2. I luv you.
3. I love you.

So just some extra FYI which I dug up from my favourite online dictionary with uber stuff in there: (well if you stalked me, you might know. Or perhaps it's just obvious which it is)  
Meaning of 'lub';


 and another definition but of a totally different meaning.


Meaning of 'luv';


and two other explaination for the word below which I absolutely adore!although it is like the first meaning of the word. 


Don't you just luv it? 
So next time you're about to hand a word out to someone.You should know the impact of the word and seriously should not take it lightly. (well at least I don't) Unless you want to actually make it mean that, eg: lup and lub, then by all means.


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